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Even more of George Robinson's Memories of Comberbach

Even more of George Robinson's Memories of Comberbach

From 1928 to 1933 Mrs Connie Jones lived next door to George. She later lived in Little Leigh and was well known for her charity bicycle rides. In 1988 she was coming round the bend at Harrison's farm and she fell off her bike. At the time of George's talk she was preparing for her 3rd Marathon for Dr Barnardo's.

Mr Hough from Marbury Farm moved to Stretton and his son and later grandson farmed after him. They used to hunt. Ploughing competitions were held at Anderton. Dick Jones was teamsman for Mr Hough . The horses were decorated with horse brasses and red, white and blue ribbons. Dick Jones used to win first prize with his horse Britannia. George has a photo taken in Mr Whalley's field.

The bowling green itself was laid by Mr Evans Senior and Mr Lever. When The Recreation Field and War Memorial were opened there was a procession from Comberbach Cottage and Barnton Silver Band played 'Onward Christian Soldiers' amongst other things. There were free teas for the children and also for those who had lost someone in the war. Lord and Lady Barrymore also gave the Barrymore Cup.

On January 28th 1940 there was a terrible snowstorm. Iris Sadler had scarlet fever. She was stuck in Northwich and had to come home by taxi. There was six feet of snow and the soldiers had to dig out the snow as far as Soot Hill. People were able to skate on the mere.

After the war the huts at Marbury Park were used for German prisoners of war. Bert Trautmann, the famous Manchester United goalie was a German POW at Marbury. The Italian POWs were housed in brick built buildings near Ideal Gardens, at Cogshall.

Later ICI made Marbury Hall into flats for 'bachelors'. In 1948 East Park and West Park were created from the huts and local people were able to live there.

Mary Moores has a photo of the thatched cottages in Senna Lane. There was a block of three, three more and then a pair.

The landing place for light aircraft was the field behind Home Farm.

During the war the pipeline under the ocean was built (PLUTO) and runs under the car park and playing field.

When the mere was frozen the boys would cycle across it and Harry Hornby once rode across it in his motorbike and sidecar!

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