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Comberbach School Log 1874-75

From the original held by Cheshire County Record Office

Notes made by June Parker and Lyn McCulloch

June 10 'Joseph and Charles HAYES gone to a boys' school'
July 20 Thos WHITTAKER, Fredk HASSELL, Jane and Mary TOMKINSON admitted.
July 27 Eliz WILLIAMSON & Hannah ACTON off ill
Aug 3 Frederick HASSELL off ill
Aug 24 Scripture Inspection
Sept 14 Frederick HASSELL sick
'Mary HANCOCK absent on leave'
Sept 21 Thomas CLARKE, William BARBER admitted
Sept? 'James MOSES taken dangerously ill'
Oct 5 'Sorry to hear that James MOSES is dead'
William JOHNSON admitted
Oct 12 'Several children sick'
Oct 26 'Sickness & bad throats amongst the children.
Several very ill'
Nov 9 'Glad to find that many of the children are better& at school'
Levi HANCOCK admitted
Dec 7 Lady Mary came to school today & heard the children
answer from Scripture'
Dec 14 'Several children have bad throats and bad heads. If not better it will be wise to close the school for there is much sickness in the neighbourhood'
Dec 21 'Very thin school'
Dec 24 'Hoping the children will be better'
Xmas holidays - 3 weeks

Feb 1 Frances CLARE, Maria HALLOWS admitted
Feb8 Maud DAVIES admitted
Feb 15 'Lady Mary SMITH BARRY was here & heard the 1st class read and answer
questions. Also examined all the copy books'
Mar 1 'Lady Mary called & heard the 2nd class read & all the children answer questions in mental arithmetic'
Mar 15 'Lady Mary heard the 3rd class read & all the children sing'
Mar 29 'Lady Mary called & fixed the tea-party for April 5th & promised to give prayer-books to those who had attended church'
Apr 5 'School opened at 1/2 past 8 because of the tea party at 3 o'clock. The children
go to the hall for tea, play in the gardens & go on the water. Each child received a bun& sweets on returning home. Prayer books were given by Lady Mary to those who had attended church'
May 8 'Lady Mary called & heard the baby class, their letters & the little ones spell'
May10 Frances CLARKE left. Gone to live at Frandley
June 4 'Several of children sick'
June 24 Scripture Inspection (Rev.H.SMITH, Rev.W.L.BENNETT)
'Mr WILLIAMS examined the children on Friday'
July 21 Vicar of Budworth, Rev.W.L.BENNETT wrote:
' Mrs Ormson should study the new code & make herself familiar with its requirements. With a little more acquaintance with the Rules of the Education Department she will do very well'
Aug 13 WILLIAMSONS & TOMKINSONS left the village
Aug 27 'Tea party given by Mr CLARKE - holiday for school given'
Sept 3 Several little children admitted
Sept 24 'Mr HOPKINS called on Wednesday & heard 1st class read'
Oct 7 3 infants admitted
Oct 8 'Lady Mary called on Thursday afternoon to see the children which was a great surprise, the family being from home'
Oct 28 Clara ATKINSON admitted
Nov 5 'Mr HOPKINS called'
Dec 3 'School visited by Lady Mary's sisters'
Dec 10 'Expecting Lady Mary to visit us every day after her return'
Dec 17 3 children admitted
Emily ELLISON: gone to service

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