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Comberbach School Log Book 1877-1878

Comberbach School Log Book 1877 - 1878

Extracts from the original held by Cheshire Record Office

Notes made by June Parker and Lyn McCulloch

Feb 16 Mr Hopkins called

Feb 23 'Sorry to say there is a new case of fever this week.'

May 4 'Several children out of village.'

June 15 Scripture Examination

Aug 24 'Tea-party in village given by Mr Clarke.'

Sept 28 Lady de Tabley called after school and promised to come again.'

Oct 19 'Several cases of whooping cough.'

Nov 30 'Bad coughs.'

Jan 18 'Tea-party at Hall.'

Feb 22 'Several bad coughs.'

Mar 22 ' Two children from Anderton admitted.'

Apr 5 'Few cases of whooping cough. Children much better.'

Apr 19 Good Friday holiday
'Lady Mary promised to give prizes to the best children when she returns to Marbury.'

May 10 Scripture Inspection

June 14 'Holiday given yesterday on account of a Bazaar being held at Marbury Hall

July 12 'School closed for 3 week holiday.'

Aug 5 'School reopened.'

Aug 6 Vicar of Great Budworth (Rev Wm Robert Lyon Bennett)
' School still not in a satisfactory state as regards the attainments of the infants or children above 7. Arithmetic and spelling were both very weak subjects and reading not more than fair. If the school cannot be limited to infants it would be advisable to give the Mistress some assistance.
My Lords have ordered the grant to be reduced by one-tenth under Article 32(b) for defective instruction.
If scholars over 10 are retained, a larger proportion of those qualified by attendances should be presented in the 3rd standard next year.

Sept 27 'Lady Mary and Mr Smith-Barry visited the school Tuesday last and promised assistance would be given.'

Oct 18 'Few cases of measles.'

Oct 25 'Children still sick.'

Nov 8 'Holiday. Playground being repaired

Nov 15 'New cases of measles.'

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