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Comberbach School Log Book 1876

Comberbach School Log 1876 (Extracts)
From the original held by Cheshire County Record Office
Notes made by June Parker and Lyn McCulloch

Jan 28 'A holiday given for the tea-party. Children went to the Hall for tea and played in the gardens. Each child received a bun and a prize on returning home. Lady Mary promised the girls who attended church and school best a red cloak and a prize to each boy who attended best.'

Feb 11 'Lady Mary called and heard the children answer and sing and all the classes read.'

May 12 'Children work much better this week, having got a new blackboard.'

May 19 'Two children from Anderton admitted.'

June 2 Monday - Scripture Examination (Rev. J.F. Buckler MA)
Half-day holiday

June 30 School examined by Rev. H. Smith
3 week summer holiday

July 28 'Several children sick.'

Aug 18 ' Several children ill.'

Sept 8 'Tea-party in village given by Mr Clarke.'

Sept 15 'Several children ill of fever - obliged to close school.'
The following got a special mention in Rev. J.F. Buckler's report:
'Slate work was good.'

Sept 25 Rev Bennett, Vicar of Great Budworth's Report
' The older children read well but the results of examination in writing and arithmetic are very unsatisfactory. Mrs Ormston appears to me to have more on her hands than she can accomplish.

I should like the managers to consider whether it would not be better to receive infants only into this school.

My Lords have ordered the grant to be reduced by one tenth under article 32 (b) for defective instruction, especially in arithmetic. More books and maps should be provided.'

Oct 20 'Several children ill of the fever.'

Nov 3 'Many children ill.'

Nov 24 Lady Mary called. School closed. She promised the tea-party 'as soon as the danger is over'.

Dec 1 ' Obliged to give a holiday today, a Monday, on account of the Inspector ordering powder to be burned in school.'

Dec 22 'Children had their tea-party at Hall. Red cloaks to girls, caps to boys who'd attended church.'

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